Artist's Statement - Light Structures


In this project, light is not simply one of the traditional elements in producing a good photograph – it is the photograph. 

Neon lighting is captured as the basic ingredient. Segments of neon images are repurposed layer upon layer, to create non-referential forms and patterns. 

The work levers the fact that colors are never as we really see them. They are influenced by their neighbors, their intensity, their transparency, and the patterns and boundaries found near them. By layering images of captured light, the colors interact and create new mixtures, patterns and forms.

The emotional inspiration for this project is derived from my respect for the power of color - to influence mood, memory and thought.
The process side of the inspiration is two-fold; predicated upon my interest in mathematics and the visual effects achieved through the layering of multiple images on top of one another. 

The resulting abstract images strive to facilitate an active, rather than a passive, viewing experience, and elicit an emotional response that is unique for each viewer